The Health Department enforces state regulations detailing the standards which must be maintained by the occupants and owners of housing. These regulations protect the health, safety, and well being of Massachusetts citizens and are found in Chapter II of the State Sanitary Code [105 CMR 410.000].

If you believe there is a violation:

  • Report it. Call the Health Department at 781-279-2621 or email ehull@stoneham-ma.gov to submit a complaint. 
  • Schedule an inspection. Upon request, a health inspector will conduct a housing inspection to determine if there is a violation of the State Sanitary Code. To schedule a housing inspection, please call (781) 279-2621. 
  • Await the findings. The inspector will report findings of the inspection to the property owner and occupant and issue an order to correct each violation within a specific timeframe.
  • Re-inspect. When the time to correct is expired, the inspector will conduct a re-inspection at the property and issue a compliance letter if all violations are remedied.

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