Sapphire Award

Town of Stoneham Select Board

Criteria for a Sapphire Award

The Select Board of Stoneham established a Sapphire award in January of 2019.

Criteria and guidelines were discussed by the board. 

This award will be given to a resident or employee who goes above and beyond for the community and Town of Stoneham.

• A guideline of three (3) awards will be given on a yearly basis at a June meeting.

• Recipients must be a Stoneham resident and/or employee of the Town of Stoneham. (one of each preferable)

• Recipients must have made a significant contribution to the town and or community.

• Recognition should be for outstanding program, leadership, or a significant honor to the Town of Stoneham.

• Award winners will be recognized collectively or individually.

• The award will be a glass sapphire/stone symbolizing wisdom, charity, hope, kindness, and wise judgement.

• Nominations will be submitted in writing to the Town administrator's office. The Select Board will reach out to residents, and employees for nominations. In the event there are no nominations, no award shall be given.

• Copies of the nominations will be sent to all Select board members who can respond to the Select Board Office manager with their top three (3) votes. In the event of a tie, the chair of the Select Board will have final decision.

• The Office Manager for the Select Board, will then notify, by letter and or phone call the recipients, and guests and invite them to attend a meeting on a specific date in June to be recognized.

• No sitting member of the Select Board or family member shall be eligible. They are more than welcome to be nominated after term is up.

Adopted: January 8, 2019

To nominate a deserving person please click here for the Sapphire Award Nomination form

Nomination forms may be dropped off at Town Hall, mailed to 35 Central St, Stoneham, MA 02180 or emailed to