Did you know 95% of all used clothing, footwear and other household textile products such as sheets, towels, curtains, and stuffed animals can be reused or recycled, yet only 15% of reusable textiles are recovered from the waste stream?

Contrary to popular belief, donations in any condition are welcomed by most for-profit and nonprofit textile collectors alike. This includes stains, rips, missing buttons or broken zippers. The only unacceptable donations are wet/moldy items and items contaminated with oil or hazardous substances.

Recycling Directory

A recycling directory is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the state agency charged with protecting public health and the environment. Their goal is to increase recycling and waste diversion in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by helping you find ways to recycle items that don’t go in your recycling bin.

Support the Stoneham School Community

Donate items in any condition as long as it's clean, dry and bagged. The Stoneham School Community receives a rebate based on the weight of all donations.

Textile Drop Off Locations

Stoneham residents have the opportunity to donate and recycle textiles at the following Town properties:

  • Central Middle School
  • Colonial Park Elementary School
  • High School
  • Robin Hood Elementary School
  • South Elementary School
  • Stevens Street Recycling Center
  • Stoneham Town Hall

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