Second Water Meters

As of September 9, 2014, the Town of Stoneham will allow second water meters.

Second Water Meters Requirements (2018)

  • A Plumbing Permit from the Building Department
  • A Bank Check Made out to Ti-Sales for the Water Meter (Water Meter Must Be Purchased Through the Public Works Water Department)


Please note these prices are subject to change without notice:

  • 5/8 (Standard Size Meter) - $173
  • 3/4 - $236
  • 1 - $333

A bank check or cash in the amount of $250 made out to the Town of Stoneham. (radio transmitter, installation, inspection, administration fees).


  • Second Meter Installation - all water passes through the primary meter first
  • No inside spigots or draw-offs are allowed inside the dwelling after the second water meter
  • Plumber will run wire for radio transmitter
  • All meters are to be installed horizontally only
  • The seal on the primary meter is not to be removed or broken under any circumstances


Prior to any credit given on the second meter, the department of public works and the plumbing department must make an inspection of the installation. It is the homeowner/plumber’s responsibility to set up an appointment with this department by calling 781-438-0760 as soon as the work has been completed. A scheduled appointment for inspection must be made when the meter is purchased.

No credits will be given and any usage will be forfeited until an inspection has been made. Failure to keep this appointment could result in the termination of the second water meter.

Other Rules & Guidelines

  • If the second meter is for an underground sprinkler system, the plumbing department requires at least a 3/4 inch water meter.
  • The second water meter is owned and maintained by the homeowner. The Town of Stoneham assumes no responsibility.
  • Second water meters are for outside use only. Example: sprinkler systems, filling of pools, car washing.
  • Under no circumstances is a second water meter for inside use. The second water meter will no longer be recognized if anyone is found using the meter for inside usage.
  • The second water meter is to be used for the address that the meter was originally purchased.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges.