What is the current tax rate?

The Fiscal Year 2019 Real Estate tax rate is: 

  • Residential - $11.22
  • Commercial - $21.33

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1. What are different types of exemptions that are available?
2. What are the Assessor’s Office responsibilities?
3. What is excise tax?
4. What is the current tax rate?
5. What is the difference between an exemption and abatement?
6. Why did I receive a note on my door indicating that the Assessor wanted to inspect my property?
7. Why does my new assessed value not reflect the value of my house today?
8. What is Proposition 2½?
9. Why is did my tax bill increase by more than 2 1/2 percent from the previous year?
10. Why is the previous owner's name still on my tax bill when I purchase the property within the last year?