What paperwork will I need when applying for Chapter 115 benefits?
  • A copy of the Veteran's discharge papers (DD 214).
  • Marriage certificate if filing for benefits with the spouse.
  • Widow will need a marriage certificate and death certificate when applying, you must have been married at the time of Veteran's death.
  • Birth certificates for all dependent children, and proof of adoption for non-biological children.
  • Proof of all forms of:
    • Any income made by those applying must be reported
    • Income
    • Pensions
    • Private pensions
    • Social Security
    • SSDI
    • SSI
    • Veterans Affairs (VA) compensation
    • VA disability
  • Copies of last three:
    • 401k
    • Annuities
    • Any Additional Liquid Assets
    • Bank Statements (Checking, Savings)
    • Bonds
    • CDs
    • Stocks

Home & Vehicle

Do you own more than one vehicle? Shelter expense which means a copy of a lease if renting stating how much rent you pay monthly or a mortgage statement. Mortgage free needs homeowners insurance bill stating annual premium, property tax bill, recent water, and sewer bills. If you pay for heat you must provide past heating bills.


If employed, copies of last four pay stubs, if unemployment has expired, proof from State that benefits have expired. Provide names of employers over the last two years and reason why no longer employed. If you apply and are denied supply proof from office with a reason why. Copy of life insurance policy with the name of company and policy number, a copy of medical insurance coverage, Medicare for example. if you have supplemental insurance provide a copy of monthly premium stating how much you pay. Self-employed applicants must provide tax documents for the last two years.

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