Stoneham Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (SMAHT)

At the Annual Town Meeting held on May 2, 2022, the Town of Stoneham created the "Stoneham Municipal Affordable Housing Trust" pursuant to the authority set forth in Massachusetts General Laws c.44 §55C. The purpose of the Trust shall be to provide for the preservation and creation of affordable housing in the Town of Stoneham for the benefit of low and moderate income households and for the funding of community housing, as defined and in accordance with the provisions of chapter 44B. 

MIssion Statement

The mission of the Stoneham Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (SMAHT) is to support affordable housing choice, diversity and opportunity in Stoneham. The trust will work to benefit those who cannot afford to rent or own a home in town, including seniors and local workers who provide valuable services to the town and are the backbone of the local economy.

Trust Members

  Term Expiration
Elizabeth Cleveland, Co-Chair 2026
Ayman Doughman, Vice Chair 2024
Vacant Member 2025
Paulette Gerry 2024
Vacant Member 2024
Raymie Parker, Clerk 2026
Mary Shannon Thomas, Co-Chair 2024