Conservation Commission

The mission of the Stoneham Conservation Committee is to protect wetlands and resources in the Town of Stoneham through acquisition, management, education, and regulation (s); to act as a liaison between the public and other governmental agencies in protecting our natural resources and to become an environmental/educational resource for citizens, groups, organizations, as well as local, State and Federal agencies.

The Conservation Commission devotes much of its time reviewing wetlands permit applications (Notices of Intent) and issuing wetlands permits (Orders of Condition). In 1972, conservation commissions in Massachusetts were given responsibility to administer the Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Ch. 131 §40) . Thus the commission serves the community in a regulatory capacity (to protect wetlands) and in a conservation capacity (for open space).

Under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, conservation commissions process over ten thousand applications every year for permits to do work in and near wetlands, flood plains, banks, riverfront areas, beaches, and surface watersThe requirements of the Wetlands Protection Act are set forth in regulations promulgated by the state Department of Environmental Protection. It is this authority that required the Weiss Farm developer to submit a Notice of Intent and for the Conservation Commission to rule on the Orders of Conditions. These documents are found on the links on the left and MassDep's Superseding Order.