Tree Committee

Tree Committee was formed to facilitate and encourage the long term health of Stoneham’s public trees. The committee shall develop and administer a comprehensive tree management program to guide the Town and the Committee’s activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) Facilitating and encouraging the long term health of Stoneham’s public trees and promoting native tree species;

(2) Performing tree surveys, inventories and evaluations;

(3) Creating manuals or guidance for planting, maintaining and removing trees from streets, parks and other designated public places;

(4) Developing best management practices for urban forestry and silvicultural work;

(5) Working in conjunction with the Tree Warden to seek grants or other assistance concerning the preservation and maintenance of trees in Town; and

(6) Performing public education and coordination with civic groups to promote Arbor Day and other special events related to public trees.

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Writing and updating an annual community forestry work plan;

(2) Advising the Town Administrator in matters related to the care and management of Town owned properties that contain public trees;

(3) Advising the Select Board, Department of Public Works, Conservation Commission. the Open Space and Recreation Committee and other local organizations on projects and activities involving public trees in Town;

(4) Advising the Tree Warden on planting, maintaining and removing trees from streets, parks and other appropriate public places; and

(5) Engaging in projects and activities that promote sustainable forestry and the long term health of public trees in Town, including programs and community events.


Name   Term
Tom Brady Tree Warden  
Megan Day Conservation Commission Designee  
David Goodberg Vice Chair, Open Space & Recreation Advisory Committee Designee  
Nhai Cao Chair  
Connie Filosi    
Jeanne Grieve Secretary  
Vacant Member    
Vacant Member