The Stoneham Public Works Highway Department is responsible for the seasonal and winter maintenance of Stoneham’s 85 miles of roadways, sidewalks, street signs, and curbing. They're also responsible for the storm drainage system and construction projects. The Department also provides operational support for the Cemetery, Water and Sewer Departments, and employees also assist in snow removal, emergency response and other departmental functions as needed.

Specific Functions

  • Maintaining the Town’s streets, sidewalks and curbing in accordance with the Standards of the Stoneham Department of Public Works. This maintenance includes normal seasonal maintenance such as street sweeping, replacing signs, maintaining roads, and winter snow and ice removal.
  • Maintaining the Town’s stormwater drainage system, including cleaning the Town’s 1,800 catch basins annually and cleaning debris from drain pipes.
  • Conducting small construction projects relative to improving the Town’s public works infrastructure, including paving, sidewalk and curbing repairs and extensions, and drainage improvements and extensions.
  • Responding to citizen requests and complaints relative to the Public Works projects and infrastructure; supervising and assisting in contracted Public Works projects, including reconstruction of streets and drainage, and assisting other Departmental divisions and other Town Departments (School, Police, Fire, Town Hall, etc.) with projects as needed.

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