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1. Do I need a recycling sticker for the Stevens Street Recycling Center?
2. How do I obtain a recycling sticker?
3. I don't have a recycling bin. What can I use?
4. I have some larger/or unusual household items (furniture, appliances, toys, etc.) that need to be picked up, How can I get these picked up?
5. My trash/recycling was not picked up today. What should I do?
6. What are the hours of the Stevens Street Recycling Center and where is it located?
7. What can I put out for recycling pickup?
8. When are my recyclables picked up?
9. When is my trash pick-up?
10. How do I dispose of an appliance?
11. How can I dispose of yard waste?
12. How can I dispose of paint/paint thinner/household chemicals?
13. How can I dispose of fluorescent bulbs?
14. How can I dispose of motor oil?
15. How can I dispose of propane tanks?
16. How can I dispose of tires?