Stoneham 300th - Stoneham's Tricentennial

In 2025, Stoneham will celebrate the 300th anniversary of becoming a town.  Efforts are now underway to plan a celebration for the town's tricentennial. 

Stoneham 2025!  

In the fall of 2021, the Select Board appointed members to the 300th-anniversary committee, which began to meet in 2022 and is busy planning a calendar of events for the celebration.  The committee includes representatives from the Finance & Advisory Board, Historical Commission, Stoneham Veterans Committee, Public Safety, School Committee, Select Board and the Stoneham Historical Society & Museum as well as several residents at large. 

Committee Members:

Adam Craigie, Co-Chair

Susan Larson, Co-Chair

Dolly Wilson, Vice-Chair

Lauren Taylor, Secretary

Jennifer Gray, Treasurer

Maureen Buckley

Tara Lawler

Jim McLaughlin, Jr.

Steve Rotondi

George Seibold

Jamie Wallace 

Planning is just starting, but if you are interested in celebrating both the past and the future of Stoneham contact the 300th committee at or visit the website at