Stoneham High School Building Project          Stoneham School Building Committee (SSBC)

Stoneham residents can attend SSBC meetings either in person or via GoToMeeting and can find details about the meetings on this SSBC information page below under News and Events.

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News and Events

Join us for the next School Building Committee Meeting on February 26, 2024 at 7:00 PM by Remote Participation. 

Dial:  +1 (571) 317-3122  Access Code: 518-460-045

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ATTENTION: The Stoneham School Building Committee (SSBC) Time Capsule Working Group has decided to extend the date for picture submissions for the SHS Time Capsule to January 31, 2024.

So how easy is it to submit a picture? Just snap a selfie or a pic when you are out on your daily errands, walks or strolls of places, people or events that make you smile. Bring your phone to Walgreens or CVS and load your favorite picture or two into their printer and 10 minutes later (or less) you’ll have your photos to submit all for less than $1. Printed photos (4”X6” only please) for submission should include (written on the back) the name of the photographer and age at the time the photo was taken, the date and place it was taken and other identifying information. The photos should be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to the Time Capsule Committee Photo Contest and dropped in the mail slot at the Stoneham Historical Society at 36 William Street. Photos may not be submitted in digital format.  

You can also submit pictures you already have taken, i.e. your family at a summer concert on the common, your neighborhood block party, your walks through the Fells or your visit to Stone Zoo. Be creative, have fun and touch the future!  

Read more here -

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This picture is an example of what the Time Capsule Working Group is looking for. It was taken at Stoneham Town Day 2022 as the School Building Committee was sharing updates with local residents in attendance. Town Day has been a key gathering event in Stoneham for more than 30 years.

Stoneham High School Time Capsule

Photography Contest

Stoneham Photography Contest - Time Capsule Opens in new windowTime Capsule Information Page

Press Release:
Stoneham School Building Committee 
Announces New Time Capsule Project
Photo Contest

Contest instructions are in the Press Release above.

Press Release: 
Time Capsule Project – Photos of the Places You Love in Stoneham Wanted!

What places, people or things in our community make you smile when you see them – the Common aglow in holiday lights, your kids entranced with the animals at Stone Zoo or maybe you and your friends hiking through the fells? Or maybe its trivia night at a local restaurant with your friends, skating on the ice rink on the town common or sipping coffee on the patio overlooking Main Street. Which of those pictures would you like future Stoneham residents to see when they open the Stoneham High School time capsule when it is opened fifty or sixty years from now?

The Stoneham School Building Committee (SSBC) recently announced a photo contest for all Stoneham residents. The contest will run through January 31, 2024. All residents are invited to submit pictures of the people, places and things that say Stoneham to them.  The SSBC will review all the submissions and select those to be placed in the capsule. Remaining photos can be returned or will be given to the Stoneham Historical Society for their library.

So how easy is this? Just snap a selfie or a pic when you are out on your daily errands, walks or strolls.  Bring your phone to Walgreens or CVS and load your favorite picture or two into their printer and 10 minutes later (or less) you’ll have your photos to submit all for less than $1.  Printed photos (4”X6” only please) for submission should include (written on the back) the name of the photographer and age at the time the photo was taken, the date and place it was taken and other identifying information.  The photos should be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to the Time Capsule Committee Photo Contest and dropped in the mail slot at the Stoneham Historical Society at 36 William Street. Photos may not be submitted in digital format.  Questions regarding the contest should be directed to .

Also, the SSBC is offering Stoneham residents a chance to send a written message to their successors fifty or more years from now. Many folks have already opted to leave their words in one of several journals in which the Committee is collecting those messages. Future residents – tots to 80+ - will one day open the capsule and discover messages – along with other items - from the past that document the people, times and the culture of Stoneham from the early 2020’s.  

Your message in one of the journals can simply say hello, share a name and address, what you love about the town, why you are here - anything that will give future generations a glimpse of the way things are today and your hopes for Stoneham of the future. You can find out where the journals are located on The Friends of Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 on Facebook or by emailing .

The Stoneham School Building Committee continues to meet monthly at the Stoneham Central Middle School Media Center. Meetings are in person and virtual and can be viewed on Stoneham Community Access Television. Meeting schedules are posted to #stonehamschoolbuildingcommittee or

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Topping Off Ceremony Program

undefined Opens in new windowClick picture above for StonehamTV Video of the Topping Off Ceremony on May 22, 2023

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To view the latest Project Update on the New Stoneham High School project, click on the picture or caption below to start watching:

SHS Project Update STM 11Jan2023 TownHall Opens in new windowNew Stoneham High School Project Update
Special Town Meeting

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Click here for  Powerpoint Presentation from December 13, 2022 Community Forum

Powerpoint Presentation from January 5, 2023 Community Forum

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Special Town Meeting Presentation  and   Special Town Meeting Video

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Stoneham Select Board Approves School Building Committee Request for Special Town Meeting - December 13, 2022

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Stoneham Residents Invited to Upcoming Community Forum and Town Meeting Vote on High School Project - December 28, 2022

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Construction Update

Construction Events for the Coming Week: 
Week of February 26, 2023

The site will be open on Saturday, February 24, 2024 to continue drywall installation Areas C and B Level 1, interior framing Area D, detailing of roofing in Area D Auditorium, install of roofing in Area A Mechanical well, removal of masonry staging on Area D Auditorium, install duct connections for roof top units Area A mechanical well, fire protection installation in Gym, intumescent paint installation in Gym, and general housekeeping.

** The temporary heaters in the north elevation and south elevation will be running through the weekend to ensure building temperature stays within tolerance for specific aspects of work as required. ** 

Effective as of July 13, 2023, temporary power and lighting will be on 24/7 for safety and security purposes.

The following activities will be taking place next week at Stoneham High School:

  • Delivery and installation of roof top equipment in Area A mechanical well on Monday, February 26, 2024 and Tuesday, February 27, 2024. This operation will require a crane to hoist the roof top equipment and multiple trailers of equipment which will arrive to the site Monday morning. Coordination/ moving of all equipment on site will carry throughout this time frame with back up alarms. Hoisting operation may continue until 5 pm on Monday, February 26, 2024.
  • Installation drywall, tape and mud joints in Area C Level 1.
  • Installation of Level 2 Science Lab casework and casework counter tops.  Installation of Level 3 typical classroom casework.
  • Installation of TPO roofing system on Area A Mechanical well roof and Area D Auditorium Fly Loft roof.
  • Installation of masonry on Area B East Levels 2 to Roof, Area A NW Corner, and Area D Auditorium North. Noise of Lull bringing staging material and masonry material to the work area, banging of mortar tubs to clear out old mortar.
  • Layout and installation of overhead fire protection branch piping at Area B Skylight walls and Gymnasium. Noise of drilling into concrete deck for hanger installation; Noise of lifts moving around the floors.
  • Layout and install of electrical boxes and install overhead and in-wall rough Area A Level 01.
  • Taping and mudding on interior side of Gymnasium Level 2. Noise from screwing in sheets of drywall to light gauge framing.
  • Prime and 1st coat of paint on Level 3 corridors, bathrooms, and work rooms.
  • Continuation of intumescent paint installation in the joists/beams/columns in the Gymnasium. Noise of lifts going up and down throughout the Gym.
  • Installation of acoustical ceiling grid in classrooms Area C/B Level 3.
  • Layout, frame and installation drywall tops on perimeter walls in Area D Auditorium. Noise and alarm from lifts.
  • Layout and installation OH MEP hangers in Area D Auditorium.
  • Installation of primary seal on installed windows Area B and C all elevations. Noise and alarm from lifts and drills from fastening curtain wall frames.
  • Layout and installation of wall tile in Area B west and Area C gang bathrooms. Noise from tile saw cutting tile to size.
  • Prep concrete slabs in Level 2 classrooms for resilient flooring installation. Prep and installation of flooring areas for manufacturer’s testing on March 4, 2024.

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Construction Progress Slideshow

Construction Updates for the Week of February 19, 2024

  • Third Party Inspections this week; Mortar, Intumescent paint, light gage metal framing.
  • In-wall electrical, plumbing and building inspection for First Floor Areas B and C.
  • Installation of miscellaneous metal catwalk steel in Auditorium.
  • Prepping and applying intumescent paint for Gymnasium joists and underside of Gymnasium track.
  • Installing wood blocking in Areas B and C on the First Floor.
  • Hanging drywall in the rooms on the South side of Area C First Floor.
  • Boarding and taping walls around the perimeter of Gymnasium track.
  • Taping and applying joint compound to drywall on the Third Floor to rooms and corridors.
  • Priming, first coat of wall paint on the Third Floor in Areas B and C and first coat of paint on door frames on Second Floor.
  • Installation of acoustical ceiling grid on the Second Floor of Area B.
  • Installation of Second Floor Corridor Wall Tile and grouting. 
  • Installation of millwork and countertops on the Second Floor.
  • Installation of fire protection piping on the Second Floor Area A and Third Floor skylights.
  • Rough-in of Mechanical ducts and applying duct sealer on the First Floor of Areas A, B and C.
  • Installing refrigerant lines on the underside of roof deck in Gymnasium.
  • Cutting RGD’s into Gymnasium ductwork.
  • Applying firestopping and acoustical sealant to top and bottom of walls on the Second and Third Floor.
  • Piping water main, setting booster pump, piping water heaters and water storage tank in Main Mechanical Room. 
  • Rough-in of plumbing for roof drain leaders in Auditorium.
  • Insulating plumbing water piping and roof drain leaders.
  • Insulating mechanical duct and mechanical piping on the Third Floor. 
  • Installing thermostat and control wiring on the First Floor.
  • Rough-in of overhead and in-wall electrical on the First Floor of Area B, C and Auditorium. 
  • Pulling feeders between main electrical room and electrical panels.
  • Running security and data lines into First Floor MDF room, labeling and punching down data lines on the Second Floor.
  • Framing, sheathing and applying AVB around exterior wall at Community Terrace.
  • Installing blocking for mechanical curbs in mechanical well in Area A.
  • Applying exterior sealant to seams, screw heads and spraying vapor barrier on the exterior façade of Area D and Area A West.
  • Installing spray insulation between window frame and blocking.
  • Installing Primary sealant between window frame and vapor barrier.
  • Installation of AVB to perimeter walls in mechanical well in Area A. Installing AVB on Auditorium fly loft and temporary guardrails.
  • Installation of insulation, lintels, flashing and masonry veneer on the North and West upper elevations of main building and upper elevations of Auditorium building.


The School Building Committee meetings are open to all and the committee welcomes your attendance and input. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can find online versions of the meeting live, on Stoneham TV government channels (Comcast 22, RCN 15 and Verizon 36). You can also view the meetings at any time on in the Stoneham School Building Committee section.

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    Presidential Primary In Person Early Voting Begins Saturday, February 24th at Town Hall From 10-4

    Please read on for voter registration, vote by mail, in person early voting, sample Prinary ballots and advance processing/advance removal schedule for all voted early/absentee ballots. Read on...
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  3. winter parking image

    Winter Parking Regulations are in Effect from December 1st to April 1st

    Overnight parking is not allowed on any street in Stoneham from December 1st - April 1st. Read on...
  4. Snow shovelers

    Snow Shovelers Needed

    The Department of Public Works is in need of snow shovelers this winter. Applicants must be 16 years of age or older. Read on...
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Name Title
Marie Christie,  
Past member of School Committee/Middle School Building Committee
David Bois,
Community Member with architecture experience
Dennis Sheehan Town Administrator / MCPPO Certified
David Ljungberg Superintendent of Schools
Nicole Nial School Committee Member
Raymie Parker Select Board Member
Bryan Lombardi Stoneham High School Principal
Douglas Gove Community Member with Engineer Experience
Stephen O'Neill Community Member with Engineer Experience
Josephine Thomson  Community Member, Middle School Faculty
Jeanne Craigie  Community Member, Town Moderator, Past member of School Committee and Middle School Building Committee
Lisa Gallagher  Community Member, School Secretary, Past member of Middle School Building Committee
Sharon Iovanni Community Member
Cory Mashburn Community Member, Finance and Advisory Board 
Paul Ryder Community Member with Construction Experience
Brian McNeil Facilities Director, Local Official responsible for Building Maintenance
Kevin Yianacopolus Local Official responsible for Building Maintenance
David Pignone Athletic Director, Member knowledgeable in educational mission
and function of facility
April Lanni Procurement Officer/MCPPO Certified