Water & Sewer Resources

The Water and Sewer Review Board was dissolved by Article 20 of the May 2, 2022 Annual Town Meeting.

The Town Administrator or his or her designee will hear water and sewer billing disputes and will make a binding decision as to a remedy, if any.

The Finance and Advisory Board shall meet yearly, to review the assessments and costs associated with the operation, maintenance and capital requirements of both systems to ensure such costs are just and equitable and in proportion to the benefits of the users. 

The Finance and Advisory Board and the Town Administrator shall hold a public hearing to receive citizens input on the current year, the proposed budget and rates for the next fiscal year and any other information as may be requested concerning the water and sewer departments. Said meeting shall result in a rate recommendation made by the Town Administrator prior to Annual Town Meeting.  

This page was created to provide our residents/water & sewer rate payers with valuable information.